theSMARTsub is dedicated to leveraging technology to improve efficiencies in K-12 public and private schools with the goal of benefiting students.


Through our social media outlets, we have discovered that many of our followers are looking for more and more information regarding the field of education. theSMARTsub™ has put together a team of social media strategists who are dedicated to bringing you relevant information about our company, teachers, substitutes, and education. Instead of scouring the internet for hours looking for that one piece of information, take some time to check out our posts. We’ll be posting an array of information that is helpful and insightful.

“theSMARTsub™ started out as a few concerned parents and a computer guy” and those people are still the backbone of our company. Instead of a large corporation, we have a select team that gets to know our clients and connect with them on a deep level. We want you to be a part of our family and grow students with us.

…because quality learning never takes a day off.

– Kevin Koziol, CEO and Founder of theSMARTsub™